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When it comes to choosing your stone there is a large choice however at Studio Stone our helpful staff are on hand to explain the best options and provide you with any samples you may need.


Of all natural stone used domestically or commercially, granite is the hardest and most robust. Being an igneous rock, granite is formed over millions of years from magma (molten rock) deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Granites have a huge range of colours depending on their source and are quarried all over the world. There are a number of surface finishes that can be applied to granite to give the perfect appearance for any application. Granite is so hard that the surface can be highly polished to give the familiar shiny surface. However, it can be honed to a softer “eggshell” finish, “flamed” or “bush hammered” to an attractive textured feel, or finished in a number of other ways. The durability of granite makes it the perfect material for all of your worktop or flooring needs.


Usually chosen for its veining, colour and beauty, marble is a popular choice for interior stonework. As well as being used for kitchen worktops, marble is an ideal material for bathrooms, flooring, wall cladding and fireplaces. Unique in its colour variations with pale to striking shades and distinctive veining, there is a wide range to choose from to suit your design and colour scheme.


A fantastic stone for flooring, wall cladding and fireplaces and is used widely in bathrooms. With rich creamy golds to beiges, blues to pale whites, limestone provides elegance in both traditional and contemporary settings. Limestone varies in density and porosity, so it is advisable to take advice about the suitability of particular limestones for your individual project.


Sandstone is a sedimentary rock with soft uniform colours including greys, yellows, reds, and whites making it the perfect material for flooring. While the muted colours add warmth and ambiance to many kitchen settings, the uniformity of sandstone look particularly eye-catching in modern and formal interiors. As this stone is porous, it is advisable to impregnate it with a water resistant sealant prior to use.


Onyx is an extremely decorative stone formed from quartz crystals fused together into translucent layers of stone, revealing veins of colours ranging from creamy whites, gold’s and ambers to orange, reds, browns, greens and greys. A natural process of heat and pressure creates a stone rich in colour and pattern with unparalleled warmth, depth and opalescence.


Slate is predominantly used for flooring and fireplaces and sometimes for kitchen worktops. This beautiful stone gives a natural feel to any home. Slates are produced with various colour hues ranging from dark grey through to shades of green and purple. From town house to country retreat, slate has a finish to suit all. Regular oiling may be required to return well trodden areas to a ‘Just laid’ appearance.Slate is a metamorphic rock which forms when sedimentary shales are subjected to high pressures and temperatures. These conditions produce a sheen or reflectance within the rock and form the distinctive cleft surface that makes slate such a popular choice for interior (and exterior) stonework.

For further information or samples please visit our showroom at Alton Lane, Four Marks.

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'We are really pleased with the kitchen and bathroom granite. The Kashmir Gold has really made our kitchen into something special. The Panna Fragola for the bathroom was a good suggestion by you and it too looks special. Many thanks to you and everyone at Studio Stone. We give you our highest recommendation', Nigel, Farnborough. More...
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